Muslim Men Gang-Rape a 12-Year-old Christian Girl in Pakistan

sharia unveiled

Christian Women in Pakistan 1

by, Agenzia Fides

Lahore (Agenzia Fides) – Indignation and outrage in the Christian community of Lahore after the rape of a 12-year-old Christian girl. Muqadas, is the daughter of the Christian Liaqat Masih who has four daughters. As Fides learns Muqadas comes from a poor family and all four girls work as maids in the homes of middle class Muslims. The violence took place on August 2. Muqadas and her older sister Asma were returning home from work, when Muqadas was kidnapped by two Muslim men and three women. They took her inside a school (which was closed) and the two men, identified as Ashraf Alias Achi and Ghaffor Alias Paida raped her repeatedly in turn.

The girl was later abandoned. The family went to the police in Lahore and filed a complaint. One of the rapists was arrested and the other has asked for bail. Liaqat Masih’s family is…

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