God’s Intentions

I was so blessed to read this. We all should be proud to stand up for what we believe. Our salvation is the one true thing that we came into this world without, but will not leave without. We did not have when we came into this world, but neither man nor his evils can do anything to a Christian to take it from us. Evil at our last breath, if death came to us, if our tongues were cut out of our heads that we never pray again, we still can praise God. If it were a life or death choice, what would you do to serve the Lord?

The Daily Bible Plan

Daily Bible Reading – Genesis 49,50; Psalm 8; Luke 20

Today’s Key Passage – Genesis 50:15-21


During Joseph’s life, many people had evil intentions for him.  When he was very young, his brothers plotted to kill him and later sold him into slavery.  While living as a slave in Egypt, the wife of his master lied about Joseph because he refused to sleep with her and had him put in prison.  While in prison, he interpreted a dream for the chief cupbearer and asked the cupbearer for his help in getting out of prison, but when the chief cupbearer was restored to his position by Pharaoh, he selfishly neglected to do anything to help Joseph.  It seemed that throughout Joseph’s life, people continued to try to harm him, but each step of the way God was with him.  All of these events eventually led Joseph to a position…

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