Sermon: Creation Preaches God’s Glory (Psalm 19:1-6)

Grace Community Church

Psalm 19.1-6

Creation Preaches God’s Glory

Psalm 19:1-6

How do we know God?  I’ve started with this question because it cuts past all the philosophical arguments or proofs of God’s existence.  Every reputable theologian would agree that those arguments fall infinitely short in proving God’s existence anyway and/or explaining what the God, who exists, is like.  It’s not that there are no advantages in understanding the teleological argument for God’s existence[1] for example, but I believe that God is not to be dissected and examined by men and placed under a theological microscope but worshipped with joy and loved.  It is true we do need to understand who God is and we do this by learning various things about Him, but not from the standpoint of God proving anything to us.  To scrutinize whether or not God exists is to begin a study like this on the side of…

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